Pampers Premium Care Pants

Imported from Japan - It's Pampers' Best in the World!
Pampers Premium Care Pants
  1. Diapers

Featuring an all-round stretchy waistband and flexible leg cuffs, Pampers Premium Care pants are easy to pull on even when baby is moving around. And it continues to provide the 5 star skin protection that your active baby loves.

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As Soft As Silk

Pampers Premium Care wraps your baby in all around silky softness.

Revolutionary S-Curve

The S-curve elastics on Pampers Premium Care pants move with baby and reduce friction to help keep baby comfortable.

360⁰ Breathability

Pampers Premium Care Pants features breathable micropores in its backsheet. This allows wetness to evaporate, helping keep baby’s skin dry.

Skin Protection Lotion

A light layer of baby lotion has been applied to create an extra layer of care for your baby's skin, especially at night.

3 Way Fit

Adapts at the waist, legs and bottom to move with baby

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February 22, 2018
Comfortable Fit
Easy To Change
Help Potty Train
Protects Baby Skin