DIAPERS Pampers® Baby-Dry™

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Up to 12 hours of skin dryness
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Skin Dryness
Helps baby sleep through the night


NEW! 3 Magic Channels

Up to 3x More Absorbent


Magic Gel

UPGRADED! Instantly absorbs wetness to minimize pee contact with skin

Gentle & Skin-Protecting
Helps Protect Against Irritation


Skin-Friendly Lotion

Acts as a mild barrier to support skin health


Soft Cotton-Like Cover

Soft & gentle on skin for reduced skin friction


Lets Air Flow Through

Allows baby's skin to breath comfortably

All Around Comfort
Locks away wetness & prevents leakage


Less Sag for Easy Movement

Evenly distributes pee so it doesn’t bunch up in the center


2x Stretchy Tapes*

Gently hugs baby for just the right fit and prevents leaks *vs unstretched tapes

Pampers® Baby-Dry™


dry and comfy

"Baby sleeps more comfortable and mommy too since we so not need to change everytime."

DangMay 01,2015

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Pampers® Baby-Dry™

Overall Rating  based on 2541 reviews

new pampers baby dry!;)

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"I really love using it because it quickly absorbs wetness to keep it away from baby's sensitive skin.I.also love its newly stretchy tapes that provides right fitness and too much comfort especially when my baby is walking or playing.Thanks pampers for giving us free samples to try!Godbless and more power!:)"

lirpa2428June 04,2015

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No more Gising at Night

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"I love this product! Very gentle on my baby's skin, not harsh, love its fragrance, no more leaks and diaper rashes. It helps me so much because my baby got no more sleepless nights because of comfortable feeling of wearing Pampers baby-dry. I've been continuously using this for less 2 years that's why it's my number 1 brand I trusted when it comes on choosing diaper brand."

NylenujJanuary 25,2017

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me and my baby loves it

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"He's comfy when he uses it. He can do whatever he wants and for e I Have no worries"

kathy08June 02,2015

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Awake at Day Asleep at Night

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"Pampers Baby Dry Diapers was able to keep my baby dry the whole night. The dry skin feeling did not bother his sleep so my baby basically got a full nights rest. This meant that he essentially started adjusting to the right cycle of being awake during the day time and asleep at night. Pampers is really a great diaper for your baby."

Pandada55090June 08,2015

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Happy Shopping Day

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"Everytime I go shopping my baby is always with me. Pampers really helps me a lot to because my baby is always in the good mood, and I am not worried if she is still okay with her diaper. I can still enjoy shopping even my baby is with me!"

mvsulmeronJanuary 15,2016

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Pampers Baby Dry


Pampers® Baby-Dry™

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