PANTS Pampers® Baby-Dry™ Pants

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Unbeatable Dryness, Now in Easy Palit Pants
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Easy-On & Easy Tear-Off
Makes diaper changing for active babies simple

PH_Pants Pull On

Easy On

Soft like underwear, just pull on Pampers pants & you're done!

PH_Pants Tear Off

Easy Tear Off

Whether baby has peed or pooped, tear off the sides when its time to change!

Skin Dryness
Helps baby sleep through the night


NEW! 3 Magic Channels

Up to 3x More Absorbent


Magic Gel

UPGRADED! Instantly absorbs wetness to minimize pee contact with skin

All Around Comfort
Gently hugs your baby as they wriggle & roll

PH_Soft Stretchy Belt

Soft Stretchy Belt

Adjusts to baby's movement so it fits perfectly every time


Soft Cotton-Like Cover

Soft & gentle on skin for reduced skin friction

Gentle & Skin-Protecting
Helps Protect Against Irritation


Lets Air Flow Through

Allows baby's skin to breath comfortably


Skin-Friendly Lotion

Acts as a mild barrier to support skin health

Pampers® Baby-Dry™ Pants



"I have tried different brands of diapers and this is the perfect diaper for my baby. No more leaks and wet bed..thank you pampers.❤"

LorieOctober 11,2016

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Pampers® Baby-Dry™ Pants reviews

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Pampers® Baby-Dry™ Pants

Overall Rating  based on 576 reviews

Baby Fresh all day

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"Im so impressed for PAMPERS BABY DRY Pants. My daughter has a comfortable Galaw all day. We love playing all day. As a first time mom i am thankful that i found our true love for diaper. Thanks pampers. :)"

LorrainelukringApril 05,2018

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Pampers Pants - a life saver

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"Amazing... My son started walking at 10 months and would not lie down for nappy changes so I was trying to change him standing up with normal nappies... Thank you Pampers for making your amazing baby dry pants! My son reacted to every other brand of nappy and these were a winner. A bit frilly around the edges but great and so easy to change. Kept him dry even overnight. My husband even changed his nappy once I bought Pampers Pants!"

scarfranFebruary 19,2018

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Mommy and Baby Friendly Diaper

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"These pamper's have really proven many mom's out there that it is not IMPOSSIBLE for your baby to have a good night sleep. When ny little brother was younger, my mom used to ask me to buy Pamper's Diaper and I would always think that it is the only brand of diapers here in the Philippines! Well, I must say, it is indeed a part of every Filipino's childhood that whenever we are going to buy diapers in a store we'll always say, "Pabili nga po ng Pampers!" That's how excellent their product is."

Esthea1599998March 09,2018

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Gentle on the skin

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"Hi pampers. i really love ur diaper. My baby never experience rashes because its always dry. No foul smell and it fits very well on my son. He's using the extra large size now we've been using pampers from the day he was born up until now. Thanks pampers and more power!"

Sarah12February 15,2018

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BEST Diaper ever!

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"Ever since my son was born, Pampers na ang gamit na. Super absorbent. Zero leakage. Soft cottony cover. Stretchy waistband. I love everything about Pampers. It did live up toy expectations and my baby's needs. Alsoy baby was dry all night lone and tuloy2x ang tulog nya. Di ko pagpapalit ang Pampers."

In-inFebruary 28,2018

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