Pampers® Baby-Dry™ Pants

Pampers® Baby-Dry™ Pants

Easy-On & Easy Tear-Off

Makes diaper changing for active babies simple

Easy On

Soft like underwear, just pull on Pampers pants and you're done

Easy Tear-Off

Whether baby has peed or pooped, just tear off the sides when it's time to change!

Skin Dryness

Helps baby sleep through the night

NEW! 3 magic channels

Up to 3x more absorbent

Magic Gel

UPGRADED! Instantly absorbs wetness to minimize pee contact with skin

All Around Comfort

Gently hugs your baby as they wriggle & roll

Soft stretchy belt

Adjusts to baby's movement so it fits perfectly every time

Soft cotton-like cover

Soft and gentle on skin for reduced friction

Gentle & Skin-Protecting

Helps Protect Against Irritation

Lets air flow through

Allows baby's skin to breath comfortably

Skin-friendly lotion

Acts as a mild barrier to support skin health

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Customer Reviews

Pampers® Baby-Dry™ Pants







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By Proximity Jr Test - May 20, 2021

I would highly recommend to other parents. it's a must.

By RegielRicaPlaza - September 18, 2020

When I got pregnant my mom and my aunts told me to get a bunch of diapers, and to choose pampers. Simply because they want me to experience less stress. And you will get to save more penny. Why? Because when you have Pampers you don't have to worry for changing your LO's diaper from time to time. And on top of that they can play all day "no law-law yes galaw!".

By Cherish - May 27, 2019

Since my son was born, i tried different brands of diapers. But pampers really stood out. It's true to its promise for a 12 hour skin dry. My baby didnt have rashes while wearing pampers diaper for the whole night.

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