DIAPERS Pampers® Premium Care

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Our Best Skin Protection -
Made in Japan
No.1 Choice of Japanese Maternity Hospitals Shop Now

Our Best Skin Dryness
Pampers' Best Technologies to Maintain Skin Health

B5_3 Absorbing Channels

3D Absorbing Cushion

Our unique technology pulls runny poo away, to minimize the contact of irritants on skin


3 Magic Gel Channels

Locks away wetness evenly for up to 3x dryness

Our Ultimate Skin Comfort
Let your baby feel nothing but love


All Around Silky Softness

Pampers' best softness wraps baby's delicate skin gently in comfort.


Our Gentlest Cuffs & Garters

Gently hugs skin to prevent leakage without leaving red marks


Always Airy Fresh

Helps keep skin comfortable by letting air through

No.1 Choice of Japanese Maternity Hospitals


For over 10 Years, Pampers diapers have been chosen to care for the most delicate newborn skin by Japanese hospitals

Color-Changing Wetness Indicator
On Newborn & S Sizes

PH_Wetness Indicator

Wetness Indicator

Yellow line turns blue to let you baby has peed

Pampers® Premium Care


Very good

"Always in place, no leaks, has stretchy tapes to perfectly/comfortably fit my baby. Will last all through the night."

XtelonarcJune 02,2015

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Pampers® Premium Care

Overall Rating  based on 803 reviews

No rashes

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"This was actually recommended by a friend. Quality is nice!"

MJcruzNovember 06,2015

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pampers is the best

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"another pampers you always help all the mommies buy creating a product that fits to theirs babies. to no more worries thanks pampers"

theatricetanApril 14,2015

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Perfect for our little princess!

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"Since my baby turned 2 months old, we experimented on different brands of disposable diapers. Unfortunately when we used a brand that was one of the cheapest in the market, our baby developed rashes. This is when our pediatrician recommended Pampers. Of course, we chose Premium Care because it really focuses on prevention of rashes. Our baby's rashes almost immediately disappeared and we definitely noticed that our baby's bum remained dry even when the diapers were already full. I really recommend this product especially for babies with sensitive skin."

eyenneSeptember 24,2015

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Worry free with pampers

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"As a first time mommy its difficult to decide what brand of diaper would i choose . Until i met pampers i use it for my dauther since she was newborn and my baby is comfotable with it she sleep through the night my baby is two months now and i still use pampers my baby looks happy because she is not irritated i dont even getting worried i trust pampers it will never let me down"

Princess17October 07,2015

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Dry for Long Hours

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"Pampers Premium keeps my 8-month baby boy dry for long hours and rash-free. The soft material make him comfortable in every move."

AnifridAugust 30,2016

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