Toddler nutrition: making their own choices

At this age, your toddler should be allowed to make as many decisions as she reasonably can – including what she wants to eat. Offer her nutritious foods, and let her take it from there. She doesn't need mushy foods any more. In fact, if you give her foods with some texture to chew and swallow, her oral skills will improve, and her tastes will broaden.

Let her choose

A toddler's appetite and growth tend to level off in the second year, so your child won't need as much as she used to. Let her choose her own food from what the whole family is eating, but skip any added salt. Still wondering what your child should be eating? Get tips and suggestions.

Helpful hint:

Make meals a casual, social time to help your child learn good eating habits. Try to relax at meal time. Avoid remarks like 'Look at your big sister; she loves her vegetables'. Putting pressure on your child is sure to turn her off and may even lead to eating problems. Your toddler will eat when she is hungry.

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