22 weeks pregnant

22 Weeks Pregnant: Your Baby’s Development

Brow know-how. Your baby can now furrow actual eyebrows! These fine hairs are pure white, as they don't contain any pigment yet. Eyelids have developed too, although they'll stay fused shut until about 28 weeks.

Inside workout. Now that baby’s arms and legs are proportional (but not their final size), he or she is busy kicking, grasping, flexing and clasping those little hands. Tiny fingernails now completely cover the fingertips–and they keep growing. In fact, you may need to trim your baby's nails straight after birth to avoid scratching that baby-soft skin.

Prepare for padding. At this point, your baby only has one per cent body fat, but will keep adding on layers of brown fat to help produce and retain body heat.

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22 Weeks Pregnant: Your Symptoms

Feeling it. Your belly has grown enough for you to really 'feel' pregnant and the rest of the world knows it too. Your morning sickness has probably ended and your appetite is back.

Under the weather. If you come down with a cold or flu, wait for your doctor to approve any over-the-counter medicines. Drink extra fluids, rest, eat regularly and renew your belief in the restorative powers of chicken soup. It's hot, liquid and nutritious–everything you need when you're ill.

Did you know? Your baby could be frowning with his or her newly developed facial muscles and eyebrows. His or her eyebrows and hair look white, as they don’t contain any pigment yet. Baby can also make a fist and may even grab onto the umbilical cord, but not strongly enough to do any harm.

22 Weeks Pregnant: Your Checklist

  • Don’t take over-the-counter medications without consulting your healthcare provider first

  • Enjoy these last few weeks of being able to easily get out of chairs and tie your shoes

  • Put together a decorating and shopping plan for your baby's nursery

  • Sign up for even more pregnancy tips

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