How to meditate: Mommy me-time

Between tending to a new baby and running a household, it's tough for moms to carve out a little me-time. Taking just a few minutes a day to meditate will refresh and recharge your mind and spirit for hours.

Stop. Breathe.

For thousands of years, people have turned to meditation as a way to quiet the mind and obtain inner peace and tranquillity.

The benefits

Meditation can help to lower overall stress levels and can help improve your focus and concentration. It may help you to sleep better and also help you to relax while nursing.

Practice, patience, persistence

Meditation may not be easy for you at first, in fact, it may seem frustrating. Keeping your mind quiet and focused is next to impossible. Many experienced meditators say that the mind fights back when you first start meditating and actually makes it harder. The good news is that, like anything else, meditation becomes easier the more you do it. Even if you've mastered the technique, it can take time to see the results.

Make it a family affair

Teaching your children to meditate from a young age may be one of the most precious gifts you can give them. Treat it like a game. For instance, see who can sit still and be quiet the longest. Try sitting around a candle (at a safe distance from the flame) and see if you can all be so still that the flame doesn't move.

Getting started

Here are some guidelines to help you launch your meditation practice.

1. Decide when you're going to meditate.

2. Find a quiet place in your home.

3. Gather a couple of items (pillows, incense, a photograph) that you will begin to associate with getting into a relaxed state.

4. Get into a comfortable position. Sitting cross-legged or lying down would work. Keep your spine long so you can breathe deeply and easily.

5. Think positive thoughts. When your mind starts to wander, gently bring it back without negative feedback.

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