Kitchen safety for kids

The kitchen is at the heart of your home and family life.

Keep everyone out of harm's way with these easy-to-follow kitchen-safety guidelines:

  1. Place your child in her high chair or portable playpen when you're busy. This will keep her out of potential danger and away from hot surfaces.

  2. Keep knives, forks, scissors and other sharp instruments out of a child's reach, locked in a drawer and separate from safer kitchen utensils.

  3. Always turn saucepan handles toward the back of the hob so that they're out of reach.

  4. Unplug appliances that you're not using so your child can't turn them on. Tuck away electrical cables.

  5. Never leave the oven door open. If possible, have your oven door insulated to protect your child from the heat. Turn all dials firmly to the off position and cover them with child-resistant knob covers. Try and restrict access to the oven when possible.

  6. Avoid tablecloths or place mats hanging over the side of the table. One pull on the cloth and dinner is on the floor.

  7. Keep your baby entertained while you work. Items like soft plastic containers are safe and make for great distractions!

  8. Use child-safety latches on floor-level cabinets.  You can leave one without a latch that contains safe items like simple soft plastic containers or non-breakable pots and pans to allow your child some freedom to explore.

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