Child safety: keeping a mobile toddler safe

At this age, your child's movements are becoming smoother every day. She can do all sorts of exciting things by herself: run up the stairs, walk backwards, hop, jump and maybe even ride a Big Wheel. She'll need lots of wiggle time each day, so plan regular outings like trips to the park and walks around the block.

Revel in her independence

  • 'two hands on the swing'

  • 'no running in the street'

  • 'always hold hands while crossing the road'

Vague commands like 'Slow down' or 'Take it easy' make no sense to your child, so she's likely to ignore them.


In general, be as clear and specific as possible when you're giving your child commands. She's not good at working out what you mean unless you spell it out. (For example, 'No bikes in the bathroom' or 'No paint in your brother's hair'.)

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