At Pampers, Safety Begins with Inception

There are few more important considerations than safety when a parent uses a product for their baby. Pampers places the health and safety of our babies and families first and foremost, and as such, we work tirelessly to ensure our products are safe and effective.

As baby wipes have become increasingly popular in today’s households, P&G has thoroughly demonstrated the superior safety of its Pampers Baby Wipes.

Safety Begins with Product Inception Pampers believes safety starts at the beginning of product development, and we take great care in designing and formulating wipes that are mild, gentle, and non-irritating. The ingredients used in Pampers Baby Wipes are also frequently found in other skincare products and have a long history of safe use on all types of skin.

In addition, the polymeric microfibres, which are formed into a non-woven fabric that is gentle for skin, are considered safe with no inherent toxicity issues.

Pampers’ Robust Safety Testing Process Our promise is that all Pampers products and materials undergo rigorous safety and performance testing, even before they come into contact with a baby’s skin. We follow the broadly recognized risk assessment principles (Hazard Identification, Exposure Assessment, Dose-response Assessment, and Risk Characterization) established by the National Academy of Sciences and World Health Organization when testing ingredient safety.

The properties of the ingredients are evaluated fully, along with any available safety and skin compatibility information, to eliminate any chemicals that may have potential to cause skin sensitization or irritation when used. Once these evaluations have taken place, Pampers conducts clinical tests in adults and babies to further demonstrate the safety of wipes.

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