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Pampers Active Baby awarded
"Best Disposable Diaper"!

Smart Parenting released the winners of its first ever “Best for Baby Awards” for 2014, announcing Pampers as the best disposable diaper. Read more about the tests counducted by the panel of baby experts.
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Welcome to a
world of love,
sleep and play.

There are a million ways to love, a million ways to sleep and a million ways to play. The differences don't matter. What matters is that every baby has the freedom to love, sleep and play their way.

5 ways you can
keep your baby's skin
soft and kissable.

Give your baby 5 Star Skin Protection
with up to 12 hours of dryness,
unbeatable cottony softness
and more – during sleep
and play.

Pregnancy Calendar: week-by-week information

Your body is rapidly undergoing
new and exciting changes every day.
Our pregnancy calendar walks you through the journey from week 4 to week 40. Its our step-by-step guide to every gurgle, kick and craving!
Pre-natal, labour delivery and postpartum do’s and don’ts for every discerning mommy.
From being a first-time mommy to growing up happily with your baby, here are some tips that are good to know!

An Essential Guide to Your
Baby's All-Day Skin Comfort.

Let your baby enjoy up to 12 hours of
continuous comfort, from our driest with
cotton-like softness.

Amazing dryness,
now in Pants

Pampers Pants brings a good night's
sleep with 10 hours of superior
dryness and great mornings ahead!

Having baby sleep trouble?

For all the advice you need for a peaceful night.
Motivation and Rewards for Toilet Training'Tips on how to encourage your child to move forward with potty training'
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Staying Safe While Enjoying the Great OutdoorsAfter the age of 3, your child wants to spend at least part of the time on his own two feet. Now that he’s 4, he’ll want to be even more mobile as he develops into an explorer on family outings.
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