Fun Unisex Baby Names

Looking for a unique name that can work for boys and girls alike? Try one of these gender-neutral monikers!

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Pampers Premium Care

Breathable cover for skin freshness

  1. Diapers

Baby Dry

Up to 12 hours of skin dryness

Pregnancy Week by Week: Week 8

Although your little one's only the size of a gumball now, most of her is starting to form. Read on to find out more about what happens in week eight in your pregnancy.

Baby Game & Activity Ideas: Sight, Sound, and Touch

Learn how books and reading can help your baby develop more than just a love for literature and words.

Tips for a Happy Baby's Bottom

A new baby means another cute bottom in the house. If your first child didn't have the problems your second (or third!) is experiencing in the diaper department—or if you just need a quick refresher—read on!

Feeding 101: On-the-go Foods

Does figuring out what food to bring on outings take more precious time than you have? Check out these grab-and-go food tips and snacks. They are just the thing: smart, nutritious, and easy.

Baby Sleep Training: 4 Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep

Watch a real mom give valuable tips for everything on healthy bedtime routines to having a high quality diaper.

Helping Communities To Thrive

Pampers has an incredible opportunity to contribute to the communities where we live and work. Investment in jobs and improved working standards is important, but we also support communities in ways that go

Supporting Happy, Healthy Babies Around The World

Our commitment to babies isn’t only about developing new and improved nappies; we invest in far-reaching programmes that benefit parents and babies across the globe so that more babies can enjoy a happy,

Reducing Our Environmental Impact

We want to continue making better, more effective products that offer our best dryness while reducing their environmental impact.

Caring For Your Baby’s World

You care deeply about the world your baby will grow up in and we do too.

Pampers and UNICEF: Celebrating babies first times

You never forget your baby's first smile, but sadly not all babies get to reach such a milestone. Together with UNICEF, Pampers is saving newborn lives by helping eliminate the killer disease, Maternal and

Reports from the field: The midwives and their crucial role with moms and babies

It's true that a first smile says more than a thousand words, it reassures them that their baby is happy and healthy and ready to face the day ahead. It's our goal to support UNICEF and the dedicated local

Reports from the field: The journey of a vaccine

It's not just ongoing financial support that is helping to spread babies' first smiles: dedicated people on the ground must make sure Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus (MNT) vaccines are delivered to those who need

Reports from the field: Moms testimonials

There's nothing quite like a baby's first smile: it's a clear sign they're happy and healthy and ready to face the day's adventures. Meet some of the moms and babies now protected from Maternal and Newborn